How is Trentodoc produced.

Trentodoc is the synonym of classic method, a production that requires a lot of passion, a lot of labor and a lot of patience for long waiting times. The Trentodoc is unique, as is the Trentino, the territory suited for the production of bubbles.
The production of sparkling wines Trentodoc method involves several stages:

  • Base wine

    Base wine is obtained from the soft pressing of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc or Meunier. Once bottled, the yeasts and sugar are added to the base that kick-start the second fermentation.

  • Tirage or Froth

    Tirage or Froth The second fermentation in the bottle allows carbon dioxide to grow and to give life to the perlage of classic method sparkling wines. The disciplinary Trentodoc provides a minimum of 15 months on the lees for a brut, 24 months for a vintage and 36 months for a reserve wine.

  • Riddling The bottles

    Riddling The bottles are placed on riddling racks, special wooden easels. Every day the bottles are manually rotated and shook with care, so that the yeast residues settle onto the bottom of the cork. The same process is carried out faster mechanically with the help of giro pallet system.

  • Disgorging or degorgement

    Disgorging or degorgement The residues deposited in the neck of the bottle are eliminated through disgorgement (à la glace à la volleys). After disgorgement, the bottle is racked with the liqueur d’expedition, the secret of each sparkling wine cellar, or with the same wine in the case of DosaggioZero.

  • Packaging

    Packaging Once the wine is racked, the bottle is ready to be corked.

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