Collezione Vini TRENTODOC



The effervescence of the Dolomites TRENTODOC is a synonym of Trentino Classic method: a niche production, requested all over the world, that requires a lot of passion, a lot of work in the vineyards that are located on the high hills or in the mountains.

Theses bubbles are appreciated by those who know what to choose. They can never be predicted and are fresh with character.

The chardonnay is the grape that reflects the terroir best in the region. Pinot noir is the passion of Antonio and Roberta Stelzer ever since the beginning of their activity.

Trento doc was the pioneer project of the denomination, almost 30 years ago when only few exclusive cellars had the ambition to produce it.


The 1,5litre magnum format, equal to two 0.75 litre bottles, has the perfect ratio between the volume of liquid and the glass surface. This allows an optimal aging of the wine and a better development of its organoleptic quality, as the fining occurs more slowly and the quantity of oxygen is lower compared to a traditional bottle.

This is why our magnum versions have longer fining on yeasts compared to the 0.75 l formats.

At Maso Martis we produce few selected Magnum bottles  only on request of our most demanding clients.


Chardonnay and Moscato Rosa have always been two precious grapes in Maso Martis. The first is an international grape variety, which in Italy adapts particularly well to the climate in Trentino. The other one is a native vine, that has always given fragrant and ripe grapes, a few precious grapes that the Stelzer family has been vinifying with passion over the years despite its production difficulties.

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