At Maso Martis Friendship is an important factor and we have been lucky in all these years to cultivate relationships that have made us grow both from human point of view and professionally.

Our friendship with the entrepreneur Luca Bondioli started in 2014, when he chose the bubbles of Maso Martis Trento Doc for the launch of his design brand 1177. He produced men socks, with this brand, made with a particular yarn, the dryarn.
He has used the same yarn to make bottle covers for our precious Madamme, which is unique and technological in keeping the wine cold in the bottle. Dryarn is the lightest yarn in nature and has a much higher thermo-regulation and resistance property than any other fibre.
It remains always dry because it is expels humidity out of the fabric, making it evaporate rapidly.
It’s unique isolating property, which is higher than any other fibre, can keep the temperature constant in any atmospheric condition.
It is an ecological fibre, originally dyed with solid additives that do not require disposal and therefore is totally recyclable.
We embraced this innovative project immediately and our best bottles are exclusively covered by his yarns.

Our partnership with the Venetian artist Irma Paulon, who has created unique and original jewels for us, is a union between art and taste. Her jewels not only have coloured many of our events but they also give a precious touch of personality in different areas of our cellar.

The organic bakery of Michele and Sofia Granuzzo the Raw and Vegan Black Sheep of Trento has recently given us a sweet touch. The bakery is run by two young, energetic involving brothers who are full of vitality and always looking for new alternatives.
They created the sweet “Martis” to combine with our Sole d’Autunno Chardonnay Passito.

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