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Our farm was established in 1990, a few years before the birth of our two daughters, Alessandra and Maddalena.

Ever since the beginning we dedicated our activity almost exclusively to the art of producing classic method sparkling wines: a real challenge to face at that time, as this type of product from Trentino still had not achieved the reputation of high quality as it has today with the brand TRENTODOC.
The classic method is the wine we love, the one that best represents the terroir of Trentino for us, the wine that we chose for passion, aided by the youth and enthusiasm with which we started our activity. Today the production of classic method is the integral part of our everyday life, which over the years has embraced a particular selection and management of the vineyards, that are all of our own property.

We live in a house located in the heart of our vineyards and therefore for us the transition to organic viticulture was the natural consequence of our way of life that focuses on life quality.
Maso Martis is situated in Martignano at the foothill of Mount Calisio (also called Argentario) above Trento, 450 m above sea level: a mountain terrain that was cultivated as early as the end of the 800, and is well exposed and caressed by the mountain breeze.

It is important for us that each bottle reflects the year in which it was produced, and that the care provided to treat the health of our wine, is the same that we put in safeguarding our everyday environment.
The attention to details is the result of a valuable group work, where we have the cooperation of Andrea Cristelloni with Daniele Tomasi in the vineyard and Matteo Ferrari in the cellar, as an integral part of our exciting project.

Our signature is therefore a created reality that signs every single bottle of Maso Martis. In a few years all the classic method sparkling wines of the winery have received the highest awards of the guides.

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